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Contact Information

Happy Harbor Marina, 27212 Marina Road,
Orange Beach, AL 36561

Hours of Operation

We are now only open for private, semi-private,

and catering events at this location.

a sassy bass caribbean grill flyer saying: welcome. cool runnings, mon, giveway to de famous sassy bass and escape to a new world of "chilling and grillin fun" ...with no stress. so come by boat or by land, just come & be happy at the island... where time is plentiful and friends surround you amid the blue water, palm trees and orange sunsets. leave your worries behind and quench your mojito thirst and chat with those around you new and old. we always feature new caribbean specialties. give way to island conch fritters or bask in the aroma of fresh fish in the tin. test out the cheesy fries, thick juicy burgers, oyster shooters, cuban nachos or black beans and yellow rice... dis be it mon. De famous sassy bass invites you to put your darkers on and leave your passport behind to experience paradise just north of the caribbean. come and experience den you'll know why it's all good at de famous Sassy Bass. Give way to the tropics mon, giveway to "chillin and grillin fun"! we be jammin'. The northern most caribbean point: the place for chillin-n-grillin fun! Open daily at 11:00. Happy hour daily 2-5, waterfront rum bar, happy harbors marina. Happy harbor marina, 27212 marina road, orange beach, al 36561 251-981-1910. There's a photo of a hermit crab holding a checkered racing flag titled "Home of the Official Crab Race". Above it is 7 signs pointing to the rum bar, menu, kids menu, gift, drink menu, boating, and games

Our Menu

Caribbean Grille Menu


Our samplers are the best way to give way to the island spirit... with generous portions for sharing

Peel n' Eat Shrimp$8.99

NEW! Chilled shrimp with our Caribbean cocktail sauce

Calypso Nachos$8.99

Fresh corn tortillas topped with pulled Cuban pork, melted mixed cheese, green onions and a dollop of cilantro lime sour cream
Supreme... add black beans and salsa for 0.99 extra... dis be it mon!

Raw Oyster Shooters$7.99

Half dozen raw oysters served in a shot cup and topped with our Caribbean cocktail sauce served with crackers

Jerk Chicken Nachos$8.99

FAVORITE! Fresh corn tortillas topped with shredded jerk chicken, melted mixed cheese, green onions and a dollop of cilantro lime sour cream
Supreme... add black beans and salsa for 0.99 extra... dis be it mon!

Chub Cay Island Conch Fritters$8.99

A Bahamian mainstay, filled with diced conch, sweet peppers, onions and a dash of beach brew, served with our tropical sauce

Cheezy Fries$9.99

A nice reef o' fries toppeed with bacon bits, green onions and melted mix of shredded cheese served with ranch dressing

Fish Filet Fingers$9.99

FAVORITE! Lightly dusted with our seasoned breading then fried and served up with zippy Tropical Tartar Sauce

Chicken Salad Dip$7.99

NEW! Chilled, tropically infused with pineapple, pecans and curry served with crackers

Cozumel Chips n' Salsa$6.99

A pile of freshly made tortilla chips with our homemade roasted tomato salsa

Golden Fried Zydeco Oysters$9.99

Calypso version of this all-around favorite... select oysters teamed with our Caribbean cocktail sauce

Hot Soup Cold Soup

Each of our soups explode with de island flavors


FAVORITE! Cold version of this chilled vegetable classic, topped with cilantro lime sour cream, perfect for a warm sunny day on the island

Black Bean Soup$3.99

Cup topped with lime sour cream and fresh diced bermuda onions

Name Your Beans$6.99

Slow-simmered black beans with island spices and served in a bowl atop yellow rice, garnished with cilantro lime sour cream and diced bermuda onions

Kingston Crab Soup

Heavenly, creamy & delicious
Cup 5.99 | Bowl 9.99

Treasures of the Caribbean

Enjoy the taste of the tropics
Add a House Salad to any meal for only $2.49
All treasures served with de plantains
Small upcharge for substitutions

Trophy Award Winning Southern Cay Shrimp n' Grits$19.99

Succulent shrimp sautéed over our famous gouda cheese grits, smothered with creamy bacon mushroom sauce served with Caribbean greens

Jamaican Jerk Chicken $14.99

Fresh "Mojo" marinated chicken slow roasted in a jerk gravy and served with island yellow rice, black beans with cilantro sour cream, diced onions and garlic toasted Cuban bread

Bahama Dinner$18.99

FAVORITE! Three handmade crab cakes prepared with Carbbean spices, grilled and topped with our very own special cream of crab sauce, served with rice

Cayman Grilled Skirt Steak$17.99

Hand cut certified beef, aged to perfection, grilled to order, topped with pickled onions and served with fresh vegetables and yucca smashed potatoes

Cuban Dinner$14.99

Tender, slow-roasted Cuban-style pork, served with a generous portion of black beans and yellow rice, topped with cilantro lime sour cream, diced onions and mofongo
Add BBQ sauce... 0.50 extra

Ropa Vieja$13.99

NEW! Shedded and braised beef, peas, onions, olives and tomatoes served with yellow rice, black beans and fresh plantains

Fresh Catch$19.99

Our feature Fish of the Day grilled or blackened and topped with four shrimp covered with a creamy crab sauce and served with island rice and a slice of toasted garlic cuban bread
...this be it mon!

Fish n' Gouda Cheese Grits$18.99

NEW! Blackened Mahi Mahi over our famous gouda cheese grits, smothered with creamy bacon mushroom sauce served with Caribbean greens


Dive into one of our salads made with crisp fresh ingredients like a cool summer breeze
Homemade Creole Herb Dressing | Light Italian | Ranch | Blue Cheese | Honey Mustard | Raspberry Vinaigrette

Montego Bay Chicken Seaweed & Fruit$13.99

FAVORITE! Chicken salad, tropically influenced with a touch of pineapple, pecans and zip of curry with a medley of fruit, poppy-seed dipping sauce

Pork Seaweed$10.99

Lean, slow-roasted shredded pork over a generous bed of crisp greens... a Caribbean delight

Caribbean Hot Tuna Seaweed$13.99

Char-grilled tuna steak, over a bed of mixed greens... we suggest your tuna prepared medium-rare with our homemade creole herb dressing

Jerk Chicken Seaweed$10.99

NEW! Shredded of slow-roasted jerk chicken over a generous bed of crisp greens

House Seaweed$2.99

Fresh greens, tomato, cucumber, red onion and shredded cheese

Island Grilled Favorites

Savor the flavor of our flame-grilled delights
Add a House Salad to any meal for only $2.49
Small upcharge for substitutions

Stuffed Grilled Fish$17.99

NEW! Grilled mild white fish filet basted in lime butter and stuffed with crab filling, topped with crab sauce then served with mofongo

Fish in a Tin$15.99

FAVORITE! Grouper filet with curry coconut pineapple compote steamed in a foil pouch to lock in all the flavors served with fresh vegetables atop a bed of yellow rice

Joe's Char Grilled Tuna Steak$18.99

One of the true delicacies of the deep served medium rare, offered three fantastic ways - Creole grilled drizzled with wasabi soy sauce, Jamaican style a mango fruit salsa or Cancun tequila vinaigrette all served with fresh vegetables, island rice and plantains 

Cancun Grill$14.99

Grilled mild white fish filet basted in lime butter and topped with tequila vinaigrette served with plantains, black beans and rice topped with cilantro lime sour cream and diced onions

Grilled Shrimp$16.99

Plump succulent shrimp seasoned, grilled and served with fresh vegetables and served atop a bed of island rice and mofongo

Jamaican Grill$14.99

Mild white fish filet grilled up "Reggae Style" seasoned with tasty jerk spices and topped with a mango fruit salsa served with plantains, black beans and rice topped with cilantro lime sour cream and diced onions

Golden Fried Specialties

Escape the ordinary

Super Rooster$16.99

NEW! Fried breast of chicken on top a pile of french fries drizzled with our special mushroom sauce, covered with shredded cheese and bacon topping... toasted to perfection with roasted Cuban garlic bread

Ocho Rios Fish Fingers$14.99

FAVORITE! Mild white fish strips lightly dusted with our seasoned breading and fried... with our zippy tropical tartar sauce, island slaw, served on top lots of french fries

Golden Fried Shrimp$15.99

Plump shrimp seasoned and fried just right, served over a mound of fries with island slaw and Caribbean cocktail sauce

St Kitts Crab$19.49

Soft shell crab tossed in spices and lightly fried on top fries drizzled with creamy crab sauce served with island slaw and mofongo



Gouda Cheese Grits

Garlic Roasted Cuban Bread

Island Slaw

Yellow Rice

Caribbean Greens


Fresh Vegetables


Mango Salsa

Yucca Smashed Potatoes

Caribbean Favorites

Served with french fries and island slaw

Media Noche (from the heart of Little Havana)$10.99

Ham, roast pork, Swiss cheese, with pickles, mayonnaise, and mustard hot-pressed on Cuban bread

Cubano Sandwich$9.99

Tender, slow roasted Latin-style pulled pork piled high on roasted Cuban bread and served with pickled onions


Served with french fries and island slaw, lettuce, tomato slice, Bermuda onion & pickles

Ropa Vieja$9.99

NEW! Shredded beef on toasted Cuban bread with pickled onions

St Johns Jerk Chicken$8.99

Fresh "Mojo" marinated chicken slow roasted in a jerk gravy on Cuban bread, no lettuce, tomato or onion

Crab Sandwich$12.99

FAVORITE! Two handmade crab cakes grilled on Cuban bread with tropical tartar sauce

Tropical Chicken Burrito$9.99

NEW! Jerk chicken with pineapple, onion, jalapeño pico with spicy sauce


NEW! Lightly breaded fresh "mojo" marinated chicken breast fried to perfection topped with bacon and cheddar cheese on a roll

Char Grill Tuna$12.99

Island spices and open flame cooking make this one to remember served up with tartar sauce on a roll


Grilled over open flame, served on a roll with french fries and island slaw, lettuce, tomato slice, Bermuda onion & pickles

Beach Burger$8.99

Fresh ground beef burger

Paradise Burger$9.99

FAVORITE! Fresh ground beef burger topped with cheddar, swiss and provolone cheeses

Calypso Burger$9.99

Fresh ground beef burger topped with cheddar cheese, bacon and served with a side of Caribbean BBQ sauce

Po' Boys

Served on Cuban bread with french fries and island slaw, lettuce, tomato slice, Bermuda onion & pickles


Golden fried shrimp with Caribbean cocktail sauce


Gulf select oysters fried with our tropical tartar sauce

Caribbean Grille Drink Menu

Fish Tank Drinks

All fish tank drinks have 2-3 oz. of alcohol
Served in 16 oz. logo cup or fish bowl

Caribbean Screwdriver

Peach Scnapps, crème de banana, Parrot Bay Coconut Rum, orange juice, pineapple & cream


151 Rum, crème de coconut, pineapple, OJ & sprinkle of nutmeg

Rum Cay Punch

Conch Republic Rum, orange & pineapple juice, lime and grenadine

Jamaica Me Crazy

Captain Morgan Rum, Blue Curacao, pineapple, orange juice & crème de coconut

Coconut Margarita

Fresh lime juice, Jose Cuervo Tequila, Cointreau, coconut juice & toasted coconut

Sailor Sunrise

Sailor Jerry Rum, Conch Republic Rum, pineapple juice, ginger beer & grenadine


Mojito Cuban Rum Cocktail

Conch Republic Rum, fresh lime, fresh mint and a splash of club soda

Key Lime Pie Martini

Licor 43, vanilla vodka, lime and cream

Ultimate Cosmo

Grey Goose Vodka, lime, Cointreau & cranberry juice


Barbados Bushwacker

Conch Republic Rum, crème de cacao, chapala, ice cream, coffee, chocolate & crème de coconut

Patrón Perfect Margarita

Patrón Reposado Tequila, orange liqueur with lime juice & sweet n' sour

Lava Flow

Bacardi 151 Rum, with strawberry & piña colada

Mi Tiki

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Conch Republic Rum, Bacardi 151 Rum with banana & strawberry

Tia Colada

Piña colada blended with Tia Maria Coffee Liquor & Conch Republic Rum


Fresh mango, banana, piña colada or strawberry mixed with Conch Republic Rum


Creamy all-natural and non-alcoholic...
Piña Colada | Banana | Strawberry | Mango
Blended with ice cream

On Tap

Rotating local craft beers

Imported Beers

Presidente | Sol | Landshark | Kalik Imperial | Red Stripe | Corona | Corona Light | Heineken

Domestic Beers

Landshark | Bud | Bud Light | Miller Lite | Coors Light | Michelob Ultra


Chardonnay | Pino Grigio | White Zinfandel | Merlot | Cabernet Sauvignon | Pinot Noir

Small upcharge for substitutions
Limit 3 separate checks per parties of 6 or more - gratuity of 18% may apply
*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.